"DANCE OF SILENCE" 2015 Du O Van - Hang, KaPa - Didgeridoo
"AS ONE" 2016 Du O Van - Hang, KaPa - Didgeridoo, Mishanti - Kalibash
"FEEL BRETH" 2017 Du O Van - Hang, MiShanti - Percussion, AnShu

Kwathula is a music project from Moldova in which we play meditative world music. Our music comes from our hearts and it is for touching the hearts of others. It is a music for relaxing and healing. Music to feel. The main instruments we use include hang drum, calebash, flute, and vocals. In our first two albums, the didgeridoo was one of the main instruments too, and we are continuously experimenting with instruments and sounds. In our music, we also use instruments such as sansula, jew`s harp, darbuka, singing bowls, rainstick, and shamanic drum. In addition, in our “ideas which are waiting for realisation”, there is a big universe of instruments close to us which we can play or intend to play.. We travel a lot and very often give street performances in different countries. The project was started in 2014 and until now, we have produced 3 albums:

Dance of Silence (2015) - As ONE (2016) - Feel Breath (2017)

Du O Van - hang
MiShanti - calebas, percussion
AnShu - vocals, flute, jew`s harp

KaPa - didjeridoo (temporarily taking leave of absence from band performances)



  • From 2017, we have started a project with deep sound meditations where visitors can fully dive into the sound vibrations.
  • art-labyrinth.org and fest.art-labyrinth.org - all band members are involved and participated in Art-Labyrinth activities. Art-Labyrinth is an informal organization, since 2008 actively developing alternative culture and art in Moldova. The Art-Labyrinth Festival is the largest and most avantgarde event of our country.
  • facebook.com/bolambalokole – African Music Orchestra - plays West African music, and puts productions combining music and African dances. Du O Van and Mi Shanti are active participants. KaPa - many times involved with didgeridoo to concerts, adding a juicy bass to afro sound.
  • fire.md -Fire Theater "Sansara" - the first fire theater in Moldova. Du O Van - permanent active participant
  • AnshuLesik.com - art-photo project by Anshu
  • The Muji community is a spiritual community, KaPa is an active follower.